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Memories and experiences and how the two move in and out of my psyche deeply informs my art. My history has been a challenging one, which must in itself inform my work as does all the fleeting visual impressions constantly entering my consciousness. Our lives are made up of millions of tiny moments, both positive and negative. They appear and disappear triggered by a word a moment in time a colour a place a smile building layer upon layer.
This is how my paintings are built layering and glazing the paint, influencing the paintings final outcome; each layer building a picture of memory and experience.

My work could be termed "experimental art"; it originates from my psyche, with elements of control. The materials I use, and the processes, are an important part of my practice.
I sometimes have a broad notion of what I am trying to convey, however I hope not to allow preconceived ideas to hold back any creativity. Reworking and editing as I go, creating an interaction between me, the paint and the painting; and giving way when a composition wants to go in a completely different direction. The act of painting becomes a journey of discovery, a constant struggle between the urge to control the work and the desire to welcome the unpredictable.
By not bestowing meaning, I sometimes find meaning; however I intend no meaning, and they do sometimes conjure images whilst in the making, and this can lead to their naming. Like all abstract art it communicates on a subliminal level, negating the need for words. A response to the paint and the canvas, manifest visually from the psyche.

"I will not be an artist until I have created a piece of work that cannot be discussed, only felt." Steve Abrams

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