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Gia Strauss is a London based artist doing her PhD in philosophy. Through her art she expresses her innermost thoughts, delving into the realms of the unconscious, taking vistas from her dreams and formulating a myriad of surrealist expressionist images, both on film and on canvas.

Surrealism has been described as being the epitome of artistic imagination. This quality is reflected in the art of Gia Strauss. Strauss’s art is based on the philosophy of surrealism, but in many ways she transcends it. There is definitely a realistic element that provokes the surreal world in her art. Strauss’s art is full of statements, her work offering a thought provoking and highly evocative perspective of our times.

Some would say that art is Gia Strauss’s life. It is an intrinsic part of her soul and being. Her art is not always designed to please, but always to be noticed. She is never afraid to experiment with and to tackle head on new and controversial ideas and subjects. To this end, her art takes on an infinite number of possibilities and challenges.

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