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Love Revealed Frame by Frame (through the lens of Morocco)

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Alexa Forbes commissioned this large and complex work September 2018. The painting was a gift to her husband Jeremy Edwards and is a statement piece for their main living room. Alexa wanted the artwork to reflect their longstanding and loving relationship through the lens of Morocco a place they both love and where they have shared wondrous times.

We discussed in depth what they liked about my work. We looked at form and colour and considered what design elements I might bring in to translate into paint this deep bond that love brings when two people share multiple experiences over time. The painting took nearly five months to complete and during that time they were very patient and didn't visit the studio at all, they trusted me to get on with it.

The layered complexity of the artwork suggests their many connections and reference strong foundations through the multiple 'Moroccan style' architectural structures and colours. Geometric shapes juxtapose the soft and lyrical. Circles repeat in different forms to reference eternity. Closed doors remind us that this is often where love is played out. They suggest the subconscious as well as what is hidden below the surface that outsiders to the relationship never see. These motifs give the canvas great depth and unfold across a landscape, filmically, dreamlike, frame-by-frame.
Oil, Wax Crayon, Ink and Spray-Paint on Linen, 85 cm x 200 cm 2018-2019 commissioned for private collection

  Love Revealed Frame by Frame (through the lens of Morocco)


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