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'Hall of Mirrors' by Sarah Shaw

1st Hall of Mirrors


Special Exhibition Prize: 'Double Trouble' by Jane Andrews

Double Trouble



Judges Personal Favorites

Beauty Parlor Series Beauty Parlor Series [Video] By Claudia Borgna  

I loved the humour in the concept of this piece - dusting the great outdoors! It is tackling such huge, important environmental issues, but with a real lightness of touch. Claudia Borgna has achieved a delicate balance between lightness and darkness within this work and that impressed me very much.

Sadie Hennessy​.

The Real Housewives of Sussex County The Real Housewives of Sussex County by Ella Guru

Ella Guru was one of the founding members of the 'Stuckist' art movement​, brings to life​ her home in Hastings, UK. Perhaps the title is based on the TV show “The real housewives of Orange County, Chelsea, New Jersey" ? I notice the artist, Ella Guru, lives in Hastings which is a place with a secret underbelly of diversity. I love the ironic narrative in this painting: the sleepy, seaside town that points a CCTV camera straight at a character that half nonchalantly poses for it. The outrageous eccentricity of the “housewife” who looks to me like a transvestite, apparently a common phenomenon in the town, and the hyper real colours that defy all that is 'normal' and predictable.

Katharine Blake.

Doll Asleep Doll Asleep By Julie M Taylor

I was startled by the ambiguity in this painting. It is of course called Doll Asleep but at first glance it could be a baby, fresh-faced and chubby-cheeked, except that there’s something about her eyes at odds with her face, some suggestion of an alternative creature behind the lids. Is it a mask or a face? Plastic or flesh? Is she dead or alive? Has she been abandoned by her owner/mother or is she abandoned in the old-fashioned sense of having abandoned the straight and narrow for a life of decadence? The searing blue of the frock is hardly the baby blue of an infant or a toy and although it appears to cover her, it falls off one shoulder - has she been attacked or is this a gesture of seduction? I was gripped by the way the artist seems to be toying with the viewer, requiring her to ask questions and find a story in the image - it is most certainly no sentimental Hallmark greeting card image of childhood innocence.

Carol Topolski.

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