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Katharine Blake
Katharine Blake

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Katharine Blake, a musician with a passion for bringing together traditional ideas both visual and musical. In 1996 she broke into a North London cemetery with a group of friends. They sang together, clad in flowing white gowns and crowns of Ivy. Katharine, formally of Miranda Sex Garden, who said they wanted to create music that evoked a seductive garden of earthly delights, full of colour and chaos, had conceptualised the idea for the event- and The Mediaeval Baebes were formed.

Sourcing lyrics from mediaeval and romantic texts, and setting them to original scores using mediaeval and folk instruments, their choices meditate upon, the timeless themes: the inevitability of death, the pointlessness of material possessions, the agony of unrequited love, or the dangers of imbibing too much alcohol!

Since then they have placed three albums into the top of the classical charts, and contributed to the BBC production of The Virgin Queen, and their music is featured in the theme music of the hit TV show Victoria.

Mediaeval Baebes

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