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Alice Steffen
Alice Steffen
Alice Steffen
Alice Steffen

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Alice Steffen is a young British artist emerging on the London art scene. She is a conceptual artist whose fresh ideas are gaining a great deal of interest. Her works are executed in diverse sculpture or performances.

Alice's work embodies the exploration of language, pop culture, stereotypes, gender, class and identity. These themes are taken from her experience as a young woman, exploring class based social systems, and comparisons of class. These subjects are interwoven into her work, which becomes a dialogue with the viewer. Her work is autobiographical, reflecting the multiple facets that define her personhood.

She erases the original labels of the objects she uses to create her sculptures, changing the dynamics of the objects in the presentation, which conveys materialistic messages which can be awkward or uncomfortable.

Alice was born in Cambridge, England in 1989, her home being in a small rural Essex village. She was educated at local schools before studying Sculpture and Environmental Art at The Glasgow School of Art, The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and The London City and Guilds Art School.

The themes explored in Alice's practice are based upon how people interact with each other with regard to gender, stereotyping , prejudice, discrimination, class, culture and language. Her observation of these themes provides the core subject matter of her work.

Her future creative ambition is to continue her exploration of these themes from her position as a young woman in today's multicultural society.

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