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Anne Russell. Darling one acrylic on canvas 2023
the studio 2017

Anne Russell. culture hub  2018
Anne Russell. greeting  history  2022 10x12 inches oil on canvas
Anne Russell
Anne Russell. the studio 2017
Anne Russell. Darling one acrylic on canvas 2023
Anne Russell

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2nd Website instagram@annerussell/artist

A practicing artist for over 50 years cwhich has been a long journey creating in various mediums .
The "new" breed of OBA' s (Old British Artists) who have kept going work from a studio in London mainly painting since 1986.
Always on the look-out a residency somewhere where I can create value by openly sharing my practice with others. I have experience as a facilitator and am a qualified post compulsory educator with experience in the charity and private sector who loves working without prejudice in any community anywhere "

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